No. 9 vs. Electric Daisy vs. Kyo DNS vs. Half And Half

which of these yoyos would be the best for me?
I like smaller yoyos but wouldnt mind larger yoyos (liked the protostar)
the lower the wall the better
also i would prefer a quieter bearing but its less important than the other things

All these yoyos are really good but based on your preferences you should get a dns

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The Electric Daisy is the smallest, and seems good. But the Kyo DNS is super quiet, 1 of those you can’t even tell it is spinning. It is really good, and a B-Grade on is $40!

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Thanks I’m leaning towards the dns or electric daisy recrev new color are amazing
Is there any other info I should give about my preferences?

You gave enough about your preferences I would definitely highly consider the b grade dns