NJStringer's Upcoming Reviews!!!

[size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt]I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for the amazing response to the recent reviews I have added to the forum. My inbox has been teeming with “thank you’s” and questions which I am more than happy to respond to.

[size=10pt]You guys are all awesome and I really appreciate all the positive response!

[b]The reviews I have been writing are done for two main reasons:

  1. To allow me to share information about yoyo’s while providing me the opportunity to use my writing and photography skills to give you as much detail as you can digest

  2. I want to help my readers make more informed choices. Yoyo’s have changed quite a bit over the years thanks to some major advances in technology and in this we see a huge selection as well as a price range from mere dollars to upwards of $500. Whether buying a yoyo online or from trade its nice to be able to read up on it and see if its worth your hard earned bucks.

So purchasing a yoyo today is not as easy as pulling one off a shelf with so many companies and variations…so I felt I would start writing reviews to help make the decision process a little easier.

My overall goal is to not just follow suit and review only those yoyo’s that are popular, expensive or labeled as advanced. If I were to do this I would not be really offering any type of service to the community but to only the advanced player with $150 to spend on their next yoyo.

This being said I hope to offer not only more reviews but varied reviews of yo-yos that represent the stages that we go through as we learn…namely yoyo’s for all levels of play. I am, however, a 1A player so my reviews will be limited to this style of play. I will also be reviewing yo-yos that have been in my collection for a bit since there seems to be a lack of reviews on yo-yos that are only available via BST.

To be thorough it only makes sense to offer all of you a well-rounded variety of reviews.

[size=10pt][b]My upcoming reviews will include:

Adegle PSG
Madhouse Compulsion
C3Yoyo Design Sceptre with both C and A bearings
3Yo3 Omnicron X
Spyy Stryker
MonkeyfingeR Design Evil-Yo
God Tricks Eternal (Infiniti GT)
Spyy Spyder II
Chico Gullwing
YYJ Lyn Fury

And…if you would like a review written up about a particular yoyo let me know. If its something I can play from my collection or someone else’s I’ll give it a throw and do a write up. If I can’t find the yoyo to try, maybe I’ll pick one up!

Thanks again for the awesome response to my reviews!


Sweet! I love your reviews. Looking forward to see your opinion on the Evil Yo. Could you do reviews on the Burnside and Albatross? Thanks.

Sure! Give me some time so I can get my hands on each of them…but once I have them I will definitely review them for you!

Looking forward to the reviews.

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