Madhouse 5150!

I was lucky enough to get one of these fantastic yoyos in the mail from a contest, and now I’d like to share some thoughts.

First Impression - Woooooooooosh. It just glides down the string and sits patiently at the end, spinning quite well for a long time. It was unresponsive stock, and I made no changes to it. Its a very quick player, and very well balanced.

Looks - Well, my particular 5150 is a very special run, only a few all-black models were made. However, there other colorways (Blue/Brown and Red/Silver) are extremely attractive as well. The 5150 sports engravings near the hub, as well as “5150” engraved on one of the rims. Very classy.

Shape - Basic, but not too basic. Small diameter, but very wide. The curves from the rims move very well into the gap, making a comfortable shape. I also really like how the outer rims swoop in towards the middle, as opposed to being flat or rounded. Very interesting touch that I’ve never seen before.

Play - You will not be disappointed by this yoyo. It is quick, light, unresponsive, and smooth. Not much to say about it. Its not similar to anything I’ve ever played before. A whole new animal. That makes me happy. It’ll make you happy too! I would surely pick one of these up if you haven’t gotten the chance. There will be more, and I wouldn’t want to miss out if I were you! :wink:

great reveiw! wish I had one.

:o I likes it. ;D