Here’s my last tutorial for awhile! I hope you guys enjoy it.


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Probably your best tutorial.

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Thanks! How so?

Cool trick! How do you get so many subscribers hahaha

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It’s more fast-paced and little clearer.

Well, thanks again, and I apologize for my other tutorials not being fast-paced and clear enough for you, LOL.

Thanks man!

And to answer your question…

…I say this. A lot. And then people are really nice and do what I demandingly ask. (Oh my gosh, I didn’t even say PLEASE!) LOL.

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BTW, sorry for this tutorial being a bit too dark, but the weird thing is that when it’s too dark like in this one, the string kinda pops better, LOL.

I love the trick. I just can’t grasp it.

But, why did you choose the long name? I don’t have a problem with it, it’s unique, but why so long?

Other than that, really good tutorial and a really good trick.

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Thanks! Is it a problem with the instructions, or are you just having trouble executing it?

Well, I named the trick around my b-day, I love b-day cake and ice cream (and b-day cake ice cream, LOL), and I was watching this competitive cooking show (I know y’all probably think me lame for that, LOL) where a guy made strawberry cheesecake ice cream pie. I thought that was cool, and so I put a twist on it and the name was born.

Thanks again!

Almost at 50 views!

YAY!!! I finally hit the trick last night. I love it already. Gotten it pretty smooth this morning. You should make some more tutorials on tricks like these.

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Awesome! Glad you enjoy it.

The thing is, I’m not all that great at coming up with this kind of stuff, but when I do, it ends up becoming my favorite trick I’ve created, LOL.

Yeah, I know what you mean. I just made up a techy, hoppy, GT trick. I love it. I will probably make a tutorial some time.