Need to learn a trick

I have not learned many tricks in a while. I would like to start learning again. My most recent trick is Birthday Cake Ice Cream Pie by redneckyoyoer3826. I would like to find another trick similar to it (techy with hops).

Maybe you, redneckyoyoer3826, could think of something else like that? I am terrible at thinking up tech tricks.

Anyone else, maybe?

Hmmm…well, I’ve got my one year video ready to post tomorrow, and the second clip begins with something hoppy/techy, but you might consider it more combo-ish than trick-ish. If you see it, tell me what you think, and if you’d like, I’ll consider doing a tutorial for it at some point.

BTW, glad you like BCICP!

try learning soda pops its a fun trick once you get it down smooth!

And if I may add, it is a great repeater, which you can then add as a transition into kamikaze or a trick using the kamikaze mount.