Ninjas Do yoyo!

this is no surprize…

Havent you seen Samad?

Or evan?

Or Kim-Lan?

Kim-Lan isn’t a ninja. Shes an NIT.



Isn’t she ninja, you said there are propably ninjas messing with the shop and you said it was probably Kim-Lan. Doesn’t that make Kim-Lan a ninja?

Nope. Shes still an NIT.

Ninja In Training?


Haha i just found out that i was a ninja yesterday… You didnt read this…

Don’t listen to Samad about the Ninja in Training thing. He doesn’t know anything about me or my being a ninja.

all of you i ,m a true ninja. in a year i will be a black belt in karate. muhahahahahh!

i wish i could be cool enough to hang with the cool kids and be a ninja… :stuck_out_tongue:

If I can ever get a cable and hook it up to my camera I can show you my super ninja-ness

… Never saw that I graduated… I’m gooood.

I am only a novice Ninja, Samad is a eXpert Ninja :-[

You can be a Lumberjack, like me!

Or a Samurai and we can throw Ninja stars at you and fight you…

Good work Evan.

In case anyone is wondering, Evan poisoned his mind to make him think he was a ninja, however, dertt33 lies.


We disguised ourselves as teachers and made you a black belt.

You are not ready for a Aqua belt. (One of the highest Ninja rankings)