Ninja vinish tut

I know could of found one,but I was just looking for a really good tut.O0

Take this:


i learned with this:

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i would LOVE to learn this, but i really cannot tell what is happening. the second video is too hard to see what is happening, and the 1st video is good, but left handed… i cant figure out what to do. i got it once by accident… im just flicking the darn stringing and hoping it works… :frowning:

how do you dismount from this? away from you or towards you? i can get the trick, just not the dismount

Away from you, and hop it on to trapeze, so not towards you, forward. :wink:

dissmount from the front. you get bigger slack by grabbing it about 1/3rd down the string. then the trick is just landing it on the slack in time

you should learn reverse ninja vanish much more fun

whats a reverse jinja vanish look like?

There’s no tutorial on it. :’( It a reverse Ninja Vanish, so when you whip it, you get a reverse Green Triangle.

this without the counterweight