Nicest Sponsored Player

Hey Everyone,
So I’ve only been to a couple of contests but I have had my fair share of hanging out with big name players. So I was wondering out of all the sponsored players you have met, who do you think is the nicest or most fun to hang out with?
Also, name someone who you haven’t met personally but would really want to.

My top three from my experience (in random NOT 1st 2nd 3rd order) are Paul Dang, Tyler Severence, and Dan Dietz.

I would love to meet Ernest Khan, Tessa Piccillo, and Ben Conde. They all seem like fun and genuine nice people.

I’ll bet most (all) are pretty nice people.

That’s just my guess. :slight_smile:


Tyler Severance and Harold Owens are homies. I had fun hanging out with them at tylers house.


Ann Connolly from YYF and AJ Kirk from YYJ are both really nice.

JT Nickle was really nice, so was Harrison Lee. Anybody met Andre?

Yukki Spencer and Miggy. I would like to meet John Ando, Takeshi Matsuura, and Anthony Rojas.

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Paul Dang, Andrew Daugherty, Tyler Severance.

Eric Koloski, Daniel Dietz, Doug Kapinos, Tylor Macallumore and Andre Boulay are all very nice and extremely generous with their time and knowledge.

Eric doing Boing-E-Boing on my son’s Mighty Flea and Andre teaching my daughter Split the Atom are memories the kids will have forever.

In general, all the sponsored players I’ve seen of met seem to understand that in public they are ambassadors for the sport and act accordingly.

Luke Renner. Dude’s an angel. He helped me a lot when I first started out. Very easy to talk to, and super nice!

Patrick Mitchell

Ky Zizan is awesome.

Hung out with Kevin Nicholas for a while at BAC, awesome guy. Most sponsored players are probably really friendly, but I feel like a lot of them don’t really make an effort to go out and hang with other people outside their group.

Kevin Nicholas is definitely a great guy.

Patrick Borgerding, Joseph Harris and Paul Dang are really cool guys!

So many nice people in this business.

I’ve got to hang out with Gentry Stein and Zac Rubino for a few hours not to long ago. Both of them are the nicest guys I’ve met. Even willing to go out of their way to teach me and My Fiancé a few new tricks as well as helping us with some tricks we were having trouble with… Also Eric and Andre were fun to talk to at BAC and were extremely nice guys.


Sponsored players are people too. They have their own group of friends, etc… But I’m willing to bet they’re just as easy to approach as you or I

Yeah what vegabomb said.

But some are easier and nicer to contact compared to others.

Mark Montgomery and Sean Perez. I shook hands with them!

And talked to them!