Nice long cool looking tricks that are easy to learn?


Know of any?


Kamikaze is a nice easy one once you get all the mounts


I know those. But thanks!

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #4

Here you go.  I put together a list of my shorter trick tutorials, many of these have some flash and are cool looking.  Poke through them and see if you like any.


Lol haha ^^

Umm, I would look at some rethink yo tutorials. You can also (I do this :P) just go to YouTube, and type in “yoyo tutorial” and just learn some that look coolieo.


U really do think outside the box


“think out side if the box” is my middle name bro. I just dont get why ppl ask this, just look up some more tricks! Haha


Thank you I really love your tutorials and have been subscribed to your channel even before you posted this. One thing though… I wish you would explain a little more instead of rushing through it… Otherwise awesome tutorials!

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #9

I haven’t had that piece of feedback before, I"ll try to slow down a bit in future tuts. If there is anything that you are having trouble with, please ask and I will clarify.


Do horizontal keychain or horizontal revolutions to key chains (when you let go of keychain spins it automatically binds), or horizontal skin the gerbil