Cool tutorials anyone ......

Hey I was wondering if any one could post a link or video for some cool easy tutorials thx.

Love that trick.its yuuki’s trick I guess. Took me less than 15 minutes to learn and is really fun to do. And its pretty impressive, and at the and your left in a wrist mount like thing. Just around your finger ;).
(its “yuuki Spencer yoyo trick tutorial”)


really like this trick! its not too hard, think its really cool

Here you go, 25 quick and easy tricks


Check out my first tutorial called Tsunami. Fairly simple, easy, and fun! Link’s in my sig.

I believe you meant 28! And here’s the link to the playlist:

I love you Greg. Thanks!


Oops… meant to press quote not Thank You. Oh well.

Anyways… um… little awkward.

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Check out the level 1 tutorials from Miguel Correa

Also check out the YoTricks 1a tutorials here these from easy to hard so you will find a good mix of good stuff.

Also check out some of mike Montgomery’s tutorials over at

These are some really great tricks in those links above.

Happy hunting!

Wilson’s Tutorials+You=Soon to be a pro.

Hahaha! Thanks :slight_smile: