Trick Suggestions


So, Ive been doing the same stuff for like 2 weeks and I want to learn somethiing new but I dont know what. If you guys could help me out that’d be great. Im looking for tricks with a lot of string touches and yoyo movement like skin the gerbil and rewind without pops(like kwyjibo and spirit bomb). Im around the expert section of this site so nothing to difficult. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Magic trick





Yup, found thsi trick a few hours ago… I figured it out, I just need to smooth it out… Any others?


Anything off of Rethink Yoyo’s site ( or his YouTube channel ( isn’t going to be too hard for you. They’re mostly smooth, flowing tricks


I’d like to learn a few tricks from that site but I find the tutorials hard to follow a lot of times :-\


When you watch the videos, don’t even look at the words. It’s easy to get hung up on them because of his awkward mannerisms. Try to do the trick while you’re watching the tutorial. Step by step is the way to go


Ping pong


Cant find a tutorial :frowning:


Do you mean Peng Pong?

(Owen) #12

Do random stuff from a wrist mount! That’s what I do when im outta tricks. Either a wrist mount or some other mount I havent explored lately


If I’m correct, he’d be referring to this one! :smiley: It’s a great move i do it all the time.

EDIT: I also do this move (also mentioned) all the time, “Magic Trick” Learned it here:


Thanks, both of themlook reallycool and fun, I’ll start working on them :slight_smile:

(Zammy Ickler ) #15

Others have suggested good tutorial youtube sites. If you want to check out one other check out mine. Got some Gopro tutorials of tricks I’ve done in the past worth checking out.


Totally forgot your stuff, Zammy! Some great first person camera angles make learning some of those tricks worlds easier.



Are there any better tutorials forpingpong? Im not sure whats happening afterthe modified wrist mount


Also check


Kamikaze and Shockwave are both great, but they both need a Magic Drop, so learn that if you need to.