Nice first advanced yoyo

I’m looking to get a nice first advanced yoyo - I’ve been playing with a Velocity for a little while, and was looking to get into something nicer. The things I don’t currently like are that the velocity doesn’t spin super long, is loud, and doesn’t stay as balanced as a Dark Magic does. I’m also not thrilled with how the plastic caps on the Dark Magic vibrate on some harder throws.

It looks like the DV888 is pretty widely recommended - I’ve sort of liked the YYJ options, but most of them seem to be plastic + metal and not just metal.

So my questions are:

  1. Is there an advantage to an all-metal yoyo vs plastic + metal rim?
  2. What’s a good all-around yoyo for advanced play that’ll be a bit stable, is unresponsive, and isn’t the Dark Magic II?

as far as advanced unresponsive yoyo’s you could choose just about any one yoyo. I will say that the DMII is concerned I think it’s a great yoyo. Depending on how much you want to spend will give us more of a guideline to what to recommend.

At around the price of the dv888, (+20$) I would reccomend the C3 Di Base and the Chico Roller. Both are unresponsive, (the C3 Di Base comes semi unresponsive, you need to break in the response and bearing, then it is very unresponsive) stable, and good for horizontel. The Chico Roller comes with a Chico 10 ball (i think) and that is very smooth and silent. The C3 Di Bases stock bearing on the other hand kinda sucks. My friends Roller is very smooth, and my Di Base has a vibe. Im not sure if its just my Di Base, (it is very very beat up, but I still like it) or if is all Di Bases. The Di Base plays heavier then the Roller, and IMO, the Di Base plays better, but the Roller feels better/is smoother. They are both very good. I garuntee you would not be dissapointed if you got either of them.

The first advanced yoyo I bought was a DM2 then went to a dv888 then a burnside. I would recommend a burnside to anyone. It’s a bit more cash wise then the other two but in my opinion worth it. I prefer a heavier bigger yoyo but it’s up to you. The DM2 was great to learn on. The dv888 was also good too it helped me become more consistent with landing on the string because it’s smaller. But as soon as I got my burnside I really became more fluid and consistent. It’s a personal preference though. If you have the money get a burnside you won’t regret it. I just got my code2 this week and holy crap is this throw amazing. Perfect weight and size for me. I’m landing suicides and laceration like nothing now. They really out did themselves with the code 2

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The DV888 was my first metal throw and I loved it. It is fairly loud. I tried a cafe racer the other day and it played very very well. A little bit more expensive than the DV888.

That’s a lot of love for the One Drop yoyos - what are people throwing from YYJ that they like? I’ve been pretty impressed with their stuff so far, and was curious if the part metal construction puts them at a disadvantage, or that folks just generally like One Drop stuff better.

I fully realize that any of these are going to get me pretty far, btw.


My caps on my DM2 are loose. I got a second, it’s tight. You can use a bit of hot glue to secure them down so they won’t move. Or simply remove them and avoid the problem entirely

If you hate the DM2, send me a PM and maybe I’ll buy it off you so you can use the funds to get something else. I have a blue(my first and favorite), and a clear(just picked one up used at CalStates). If it’s a color I’m interested in, I’ll give it a happy forever-home in my collection.

I have the dv888. I like it, but it’s OK. I got a Dibase, it’s a lot better.
The recRec Sharp is a bit too heavy but a good price. It’s not something I’d recommend to start with. I like them so much I have a pair of them.

The advantage of full metal is they have a lot more control over weight distribution and since it’s one solid piece, vibe can often be controlled.
With the DM2, which is a plastic/metal, the weight is meant to be pushed to where the metal is. The DM2 is light in the middle, heavy on the outside, very stable and very long spinning.

The XCon Pro and Phenomizm use weight rings, which push weight into the middle of the wing of the yoyo. It’s a kind of halfway thing. You don’t want a lot of center weight, but they don’t want to throw all the weight to the outside either. Also very long spinning and stable. and feels a bit more balanced.

I buy a bit of everything. Cheap, expensive, big, small, loopers, wings, off-strings, heavy, light, modified(as in had modifications done), full plastic, plastic/metal, metal, A, B,C & D sized bearings(as well as Euro C’s and a Big Yo with it’s giant bearing). It comes down to preferences. Most of the stuff is long spinning and good. Some you’ll like better than others.

So, think budget. Don’t spend more than you’re willing to. It may limit choices, but that’s actually to your benefit right now.

I run a yoyo meet on Saturdays and Sundays if you’re in my general area(Sacramento). Swing by, try pretty much everything I have. Price ranges from Chief and Phenom, down to Duncan Imperial, and lots in between. Sizable collection, lots to try. Yoyo meets and clubs are a good way to try lots of stuff IF the other people will let you.

I think I’m going to get a code 2.

Tragically, I have no idea when they’re being restocked, and missed the first round here…

It might not be such a good idea. Because if you buy a Code2 then you wont have any excuse to buy another since its such a great yoyo. Im also on the hunt for one after getting to throw one

Anyone who gets a code 2 will LOVE it and if you dont… theres something wrong with you lol jk but its definitely my fav throw right now. I like it more than my avalanche, more than my sasquatch, and more than my chief, the code 2 is amazing

If the Code 2 is where you land you’ll be golden! Love my C2… they should be restocking soon - one drop isn’t as bad as some other companies - making you wait for crazy short runs… if impatience gets the best of you, check out the Burnside - solid player…

For what it’s worth…
I do have 2 DM2’s (purple and toxic frog) and I haven’t had any problems with either…

I also just ordered the Vigilante, which is similar, but smaller… looking forward to it

Another to consider in the lower price range would be the Northstar or Protostar (not YYJ they’re YYF) they are plastic, but have the metal ring inside…

Any thoughts on the burnside vs code 2 then? I don’t really understand what I’m getting or giving up between the two.

The first unresponsive yoyo i got was a dm2. I didn’t start unresponsive, but it was able to keep up with me and still is one of my best yoyos.

the code comes with one drops side effects so you can change the weight. It also has the little bumps in the catch zone to improve grinding. The burnside doesn’t

Any thoughts on a yoyo sufficiently different from the code 2 to complement it?

What sorts of things will the code 2 be less good at, that a second throw might do well?

In particular, would the 54 or Cafe Racer be good complements here, as something a little more floaty?

By the shape of the code 2 it looks like it would not be good for horizontel.