NH yoyo club!! Meeting Monthly in Manchester, June 20, 2015 2-4pm


Darn, its today! Shoot! Wish I could be there :-\


Sorry man maybe next month. It will be October 5th at 1pm


I WILL be attending the upcoming meeting on the 5th of October.
I also registered for the main site and posted on those forums.

Can’t wait! ;D

-Dan from YoYoHeaven in Concord


Club this Saturday.


I really want to go, but soccer may conflict…


How was it???


Great meet sorry you couldn’t make it.


Cha, me 2. :frowning:


Who’s interested in a small contest at our December yoyo club meeting. Kinda like a Christmas party vibe. Only Christmas music for a one minute freestyle.


I love the idea of competing to christmas music. I say go!




Is all holiday music ok? Or is this a New Testament only affair?



If you have Hanukkah music that’s fine.


How about Festivus tunes?



I would love to do a December one… Could we do a November meet as well?


November meet is scheduled for November 30th from 1-3.


I’ll probably be there.


Nice yoyokid hope to see as many as possibly this Saturday big announcement for the club coming this Saturday!


oooohhh… enticing.


I hope to show up to!