NH yoyo club!! Meeting Monthly in Manchester, June 20, 2015 2-4pm


On my first day too :frowning:


on my first day too :frowning:


I will be there.

I will be there.

I’m so excited.


Me and my juggling friend will be there.



Yay people and your friend should juggle yoyos


Lol, not my metal ones. ;D ;D


That reminds me of a video I made when I was starting out yoyoing:


Sorry you can’t make it soviet. You going to MA states?


I know that question wasn’t directed to me, but I will not be able to make it to MA states this year. :frowning:


Im so excited :smiley:


When is it? I don’t know if I’ll be able to, but if I can, I most definitely will.


I wish i could go too :frowning: stupid finals, and cuz of the MA states moving the next meeting idk if i can go to the meeting next month cuz im working with an thermo engineer named Dr. Lin Lin, to help refit USM (its a college near where i live), to use heat in the building to power the dorms and heat their boilers, that month. Ah the doors STEM opens and closes. Stupid mixed feelings.


Is there a contest held in New Hampshire?


I really wish that went longer. :frowning: but it was fun, i really need to get better though. :stuck_out_tongue:


We had a contest in April in NH. I am working on doing NH state yoyo contest but it will probably be next year


That meet was fun, but I have to stop being so “fashionably late.” It went so fast! It was great seeing all you guys…and meeting a few new people too. ;D


Updated the June meeting time!!!


I hope to be there! :smiley:

Oh, a new video of me and Owen… Yeah.


Nice video Shadow


Who from the club is going to MA states?