Next yoyo?

Hey ppl =) I’ve started thinking about saving up for a new yoyo and i would like some recommendations :smiley: ehm this will be my 2nd ‘‘good’’ yoyo because i currently only have a FAST 201 and a wooden imperial yoyo =) and i know how to do a bind and some other easy tricks like trapezze and rock that baby and some other simple tricks im currently trying to get the grip of dubble or nothing =) but like i said above im saving up for a new yoyo so ill buy it in a few months or so but i need to know a price that i can aim for =) but i dont think i want to go over 40$ :-\ well then thank you in advance =D

dark magic

You should try a velocity. its light, plastic, and is a great yoyo overall. You can adjust the response by turning the dials on the side. it can bring you from rock the baby to iron whip O0
This is a video of the winner of the 2010 WYYC Jensen kimmit using the velocity! (to show how good it is!) <---- The link to it.

Hope this helps.

thx for posting please keep it up so i get some options =) the DM is around 40$ i think right? anyway thx :stuck_out_tongue:

The kick side or velocity are both great choices also the spin factor x may be a good yoyo for you

Get a Hitman or a dual siliconed Kickside.