Next step up from a Velocity?

My 10 year old son is a new yo-yo addict :slight_smile: Nothing cures 10 year old boy fidgeting like a yo-yo and endless tricks to learn. Life changing around here I tell ya! I got him a Velocity a month or two ago and he’s already getting towards the end of the Intermediate tricks in the learn section here. As Christmas is near and he’s moving closer to getting into more advanced tricks I’d love to get him something better.

Something under $100 preferably. Or more than preferably as there’s no chance my husband’s buying a 10 year old a yo-yo over $100 :smiley: And if there’s anything else accessory wise that you think would make great stocking stuffers I’d gladly take advice on that too 8). But more than anything he just needs a new nicer yo-yo.

I’ve read countless hours trying to decipher what I should buy for him next but finally just need to stop and ask for help.

Thanks for any and all help

Adorable. Since hes 10 I am guessing you would rather something that wont be damaging his little hand so a light weight yoyo would probably be your best bet. Werrd Pacquiao is quite light weight and may be the best light-weight yoyo out at the moment but It’s pricey.

However if you’re simply looking for a step up I would go with any of the metal rimmed yoyojams.

SFX is a nice one and it’s brand new.

A list of the other YoyoJam yoyos can be found here

However there are also QUALITY metals which Yoyoexpert sells for cheap aswell!

No.9 is a great one, by the company Recreational Revolutions or Rec Rev. It comes in so many amazing color-ways. Acid Washed~

Here is a video of Yoyoexpert’s own forum expert Jayyo and Alda Chow using the No. 9! :slight_smile:

Could you possibly list some of his preferences? Maybe we can nail down that perfect yoyo based on what you know about what he likes or doesn’t like about his Velocity? I still think the above ones are wonderful choices though!

You may wish to give him a yoyo with similar characteristics as the Velocity.

While Mi pretty much hit the nail on the head with YoYoJams being some of the premiere yoyos out there, you may also like to try a G5:

If that seems a bit pricey for you, you could always try to throw him a curveball with a completely different shape. Try the Double-Take Industries BassBoost, found here:

If metal isn’t the game you want to play, you could always try some higher end plastics.

The YoYoFactory Protostar:

The YoYoFactory Plastic Grind Machine, this yoyo is a great starter for the next level. I found myself playing with the hubstacks all the time. It’s entertaining to say the least :

Also, he may wish to try out some of the different Divisions in yoyo play. So you may want to get him a Fiesta, so he can try his hand at offstring yoyoing:

Or maybe a pair of Sunset Trajectories to get that left and right motion down that is so needed for the 2A style of play:

Or you could buy him a counterweight set and use one of his new yoyos as a started for 5A:

As far as accesories go, there is really nothing that is NEEDED other than string. Maybe get him a FAST Yoyo Holder :

I hope your son sticks with the game for a while, it’s great to see active mothers in the community. Good luck finding him that perfect match! :slight_smile:

If he wants a Yuuksta would be good I guess. I mean just look at everything under $100. Like the RecRev No.9 is a great yoyo for $50. Or the Electric Daisy. Does he want a metal yoyo?

I would get him revolution

If he is advance you should get him a speed dial. It has adjestable response like velocity, it is not that expensive, it’s perfect.
or mabye he would like some metal rimed yoyos like dark magic(,or other metal rimed yoyos.
Protostar and grind machine are good yoyos if you don’t want to spend 80 or 60 dollars on a yoyo.
or if he prefers metal yoyos ducan metal zero(,Ducan Vendetta and trinity( are excellent yoyos(

I think Q and I gave her enough to think about lets not start suggesting every single yoyo in creation. Thats just bound to confuse her more.

Thanks for all the suggestions :slight_smile: I’m leaning towards a SFX but Frankie wants me to look for a used Trinity in the B/S/T section. If anyone decides to sell one cheap let me know. He’s getting even more anxious for Christmas and a new yo-yo to come now that he’s learned to bind and is throwing with his Velocity turned all the way unresponsive. I come down every morning to him looking through the shop here at yo-yos. Today there was even a long list with prices. I better get something good after all his obsessing and planning!

I’m glad we could help. Let us know if you need any further assistance, or you can PM me directly if you need 1 on 1 help.

The following link will work to send me a PM :slight_smile:;sa=send;u=5735

you may want to post the list here and we can see what is really reasonable and what is a little ahead of the game.

i agree with the idea of trying new styles. get 2 sunset trajectories, or a fiesta/bigyo/equinox/pocket change and offstring, or a set of counterweights.

if i were you, i would be a little heasitant about letting a 10 year old play with a hard metal object. metal rims are not as bad if he hits something (like a pet or a piece of furniture) and plastic is even better. (if he gets better, metal is the way to go, because he will have more control, but he is still just starting his yoyo path)

i would say a protostar/northstar/Plastic Grind Machine. those are some of the best plastics out there and the hubstacks would be entertaining. also, check out yoyojam’s yoyos. they have great plastic yoyos, and they are the only company to make metal rimmed yoyos.

if you do want to get him a metal, may i recommend the sting theory singularity? it is small so it will fit his hands, and it is not super expencive.

woah…can he bind?

Yes he can bind :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone! A wonderful and generous person on this thread is sending him an old but still great throw of theirs and he’s thrilled. We’re still back and forth on what he’s going to get but since his birthday is 2 weeks after Christmas he seems to think he should get 2 yo-yos LOL. And of course he watched Jensen Kimmitt’s Worlds performance with the Northstar and wants one of those too. I’ve had to remind him that he doesn’t have the budget for 10 different yo-yos at the moment.

We’ll be looking at the rest of the recommendations that have come up tomorrow. Thanks again!

also, i recommend a y-factor or a markmont.NEXT, have em both, need some more…

Thats very cool. I’m happy for him!

Which yoyo is it?