NEXT MEET APRIL 8th! San Jose Yo-Yo Meet video (courtesy of Josh Y.).

If your interested, this is how it looks!


Next meet is planned for April 8th, 2012
It is a Sunday, at 2:00 PM, At Santanna Row, in the square right outside of Maggianos, Starbuck, and The Counter

More Info HERE:

Cool video! I’ll be looking forward to joining you guys for some meets this summer.

That would be SO cool. you don’t even have to hit us up before hand. Just pop in!

March 4th? Nice follow-up for CalStates. I’ll be recovering myself. I won’t be able to make it. I got my stuff near home to try to deal with.

Have a good turn-out. We’ll see if a future one works out for me to attend. I can always reschedule something of mine in the future if I’m out of town for one of yours.

We might all jump on amtrak for calstates. If that happens, we plan on delaying it for 1 week.

If any of you swing by CalStates, stop by my big console and say hi! I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible.

Of course, I might be busy, so please don’t be offended if I don’t even acknowledge you. I can get absorbed in my work. Either I’ll be zoning watching amazing players, or zoning doing audio, or focussed on Q/C of a track for playback problems.

Be there guys!

Did you guys meet on March 4th?

I am going to San Jose(against my will) on March 6th(yes, a Tuesday). Let me know your April date as soon as possible so I can schedule a Sunday trip there. While the rest of my family does something else, I can hang with you guys.

Nah, some of us went to cal-states, so we delayed it for a week. Our next meet is not yet decided, but we ill give you a 2-4 week noticed ahead of time.

March 11th on Sunday. In Santana Row by The Counter and Starbucks.

Ugh. Too short of a notice.

I’ll try to catch you in April!

I have my own meet on Sunday and I’ve got some other plans for that day as well.

Have a good turn out and I can’t wait for your video!

we had to delay cuz of cal states

I figured as such. Smart move though.

For me, I need usually 2 weeks to a month’s notice. I typically have stuff planned out anywhere from 2 months to a year at a time. It takes a bit of notice for me to move stuff around.


Fixed a typo. April 8th, not March 8th

I think I can make it!

Let me know a more specific address(such as a nearby shop) and let me know what parking is like. I’m coming from out of town so it’s kinda important for me to have a bit more information.

I hope the last of my BST and other purchased items arrives before then! Load up my cases and hit the road.

I hope to meet some of you there! I’ll be easy to recognize, I’ll be wearing the same thing I wore for my Forum eXpert picture.

Ok. It’s right out side the restaurant The Counter, Starbucks, and Maggianos. You will see us on the grass square. It’s a small area, but big enough for a crowd. You will recognize us. Yo-Yo’ers have weird vibe. I notice people who are Yo-Yo’ers when they walk by. Sometimes.

Oh, and and parking is somewhat of a hassle. There is several huge Parking Lots around Santanna row, but it may take you like a 5 minute walk from the Lot to the Meet. You can always Call me if your lost.

I’ll PM you my number

I got the address from your facebook page. Very helpful. It’s not far from where my wife has to go, so it should work out. Chances are she’s gonna drop me off, do her thing, get some Vietnamese food and then pick me up, so no parking concerns! However, a 5 minute walk is no big deal!

Considering I’ll probably carrying all my goodies with me, I won’t worry about not fitting in!

I’ll know more later in the week. I’m looking forward to a road trip! I hope the rest of my goodies come in between now and then!

Oh, you do realize this is Easter, right? It’s just Sunday to me, but I just thought I’d point that out.

Yeah, it is easter. That’s why I planned it. More people seem to be available on easter.

Hey, I’m all for it!

I’ve cancelled my meet for this one. No big deal. It’s not about me, it’s about community. I just want to go out and have a good time, and that’s what I’m gonna have on Sunday!

I’ll program your number in my phone but I think I’ll have no issues getting there. I can’t stay too long but I’ve been promised at least an hour! It’s a bit of a drive from Sacramento! But as I think I said, I have something that pulls the family into the area anyways, so might as well make the trip more productive!