San Jose CA Meet (NEW MEET: JUNE 7TH, 2012)

Next meet is on:

Sunday, June 7th 2012
2:00 PM
In Santana Row, outside of Kate’s Cupcakes, Starbucks, and The Counter. Next to a stage. On a small “field” of faux grass and has a fountain near it.

More info at:

See you there! ;D

Our next meet is:

December 4th, 2:00 PM, outside of the Counter, Starbucks, and Maggianos in Santana row, in the square.

have you planned any in january? because i would like to go to one

NEXT MEET: January 1st @ 2:00 PM.

At Santana Row, right outside the Counter, Starbucks, Maggianos, and Kate’s Cupcakes.

Address of Santana Row: 3055 Olin Avenue, San Jose, California 95128

sorry i missed the last one i was very busy when is the next one in january

Next meet is this Sunday, January 29th at 2:pm

At Santana Row, right outside the Counter, Starbucks, and Maggianos on the open space astro-turf area.

Address of Santana Row: 3055 Olin Avenue, San Jose, California 95128

I was just in the area Sunday the 22nd. I won’t be back in those parts until sometime in March or April. Post as far ahead of time where and when. Unfortunately, my scheduling has my hands tied in regards to these trips to San Jose. It’s complicated, but I may be able to spend 2 hours meeting with people rather than sitting around in a temple where they don’t speak English… I could probably take 2 of my kids with me…

Ah… It was originally planned to be on the 22nd, but most people were busy, so we delayed. It’s usually every 4 weeks on a sunday, the meet that is. I’ll plan out a schedule with the group this sunday

I look forward to seeing your March schedule. I think I’m going to be back in the area March 11. But, don’t schedule based around if I CAN make it or not, as it’s not likely.

The good thing is the temple I’m having to go to(and I’m NOT religious) is less than 5 miles from where your last meet was.

I’m trying to organize something small for the kids at the nearby elementary school, which I’m sure will expand a bit. There’s a nice park near me that has a water fountain, playgrounds, nearby dog park and most importantly: restrooms!

When is the next one because I keep on missing them between soccer and basketball so when is the next few meets? So I could know

Thanks for the information

New meet!

I wish you guys could post your stuff up earlier.

Anyhow, I have a killer of a gig the day before and I’m fairly sure I’ll be too beat to make it, and gas is just too expensive. Have a good meet and I’ll see many of you at BAC, I’m sure!

Sorry about that! Hopefully next time.

There will always be a next time, and I’m hoping one of those times, I can make it!

Any idea yet about when the next one will be?

Just don’t do it the weekend of June 23rd. I have a gig Friday and Saturday, and will be dead Sunday(figuratively speaking). The sooner you can post something, the sooner my wife can plan a trip there to do her thing and then I can reserve my time for this.

The weekend of June 23 is also when the Spindox meet will be held.

New meet!