FellowShip Of The String! San Jose Monthly Yoyo meet!

Near San Jose? Come and hang with us! At Fellowship of The String, we meet the last Sunday at every month at Santana Row , in the grass area infront of StarBucks, or behind the curtains on the side of Pluto’s (the restaurant) the address is here:

3055 Olin Ave. San Jose, CA. 95128

Check our Facebook Group!: https://m.facebook.com/#!/groups/137558599671957?ref=bookmark&__user=100004004981406

Next Meet Up!:

25th of August. @12:00

Subscribe to this thread to know when we will host our next meet! I’ll keep it as updated as possible. Thanks for your time! Hope to see you soon!


Looks like the next meet will be June 30. Who’s planning on going?

ill try.

TRY HARDER! ::slight_smile:



Meeting changed to the 16th of June.

I thought it’s still the 30th?

Nope, change to the 16th. I should probably update the Fb page :slight_smile:

I think the Facebook page is updated.

I just know I’m slammed probably every weekend between now and Worlds, mostly because someone FAILED to deliver lighting design stuff on time. I was expecting a completed set of notes last weekend and today I received 10 scenes covering 5 minutes of the video.

They were also supposed to get me the edit points for the video. I got that Wednesday and banged it out so the render completed on National YoYo Day.

Where did u get the 16th from? Isn’t the meet on the 30th? I will definitely be able go make it on the 30th. Im out of town on the 16th.

No… when was this decided? I never saw a discussion about this.

The fb page still says its on the 30th. Please dnt change it :’( i booked my schedule around the meet so i could be there on the 30th.

We need to have a definite date of the meetings. If we can just move the dates whenever we want to defeats the purpose of saying “its the last sunday of every month”. We need to have an organized system.

We should be able to have additional meetings if wanted but we need to keep the DEFINITE meeting at the end of the month. Then we can meet up when we want but also have a system for the dates.

^so much for double (or should I say quadruple) posting.

Basically, Me, Jordan, and Anthony are meeting up, due to the fact that Jordan leaves out for Hawaii the 30th (you should make a vid dude!) we will add an additional meet up, but it’s not the “real” meet up. I’m going both times either way :). Hope to see ya there.

Ok. I think i got confused cuz i thought u guys were changing the time of the meet planned a long time ago. Srry.

ima goin

Sweet! See ya there!

16th was a blast! Just 2 people though :stuck_out_tongue:

R u going on the 30th