Northern California yoyo clubs?

I live in San Jose, California, and I was wondering if there are any YOYO clubs around here?

there is actually a club right in san jose! it’s called the fellowship of the string. they have a facebook page, i don’t have an account though so i can’t link it for you. there was a meeting today!

Thank you! I looked it up and am trying to join the group. :wink:

I was there yesterday. I drove out from Sacramento. Fun, worth the drive! I’m going to try to make it once a month if I can.

You coming to the one today?

No. I’ve been sick since Thursday. But even so, the event came up too fast. I need more advance notice to get to San Jose. I had to cancel my own scheduled meet as well.

I hope to get to another soon. Or if you’re in the Sacramento area, give me some advanced notice and we can meet up.

And sorry for seeing this so late. Been distracted with other forum topics, other yoyo stuff and illness related stuff. The good news is it appears I’m almost over this stupid stomach thing I got going on.

awww i missed another one… ;_;

so sad the thread was not updated…

I went there, and only me, my dad, and one other guy showed up. It was kinda sad. But still fun.

They are more active on Facebook. Fellowship of the Strings and they do things kinda last minute most of the time. As San Jose is 2.5 hours from me, I can’t work that way. I need at least 10 days advance notice. I tend to be booked a year in advance, but I get lots of cancellations.