San Jose players?


I don’t know if this is the correct place to post this but I’ve seen only one yoyo player ever in San Jose (other than my 2 cousins and my little brothers friend) if you are a yoyo player that lives in San Jose please comment so I can think of starting a yoyo club. By any chance are there any contests near SJ other than the Bac and Santa Cruz?


I’m not sure about contests, but Fellowship of the Strings tries to meet monthly in San Jose. I try to get to those meets but it usually doesn’t work out for me. I did go to one meet. LOADS of fun, lots of great players and names there too. Great to learn, share, trade and buy if you want to as well. No “vendor booths”, but people selling and trading their own stuff.

Since BAC stands for “Bay Area Classic”, it covers the San Jose area. That may be why no contests are currently scheduled in that city.

With a large population, there’s no reason to not try to start up a new club in the area.

I’m trying to start a club/meet in my area, even though YoLex meets regularly(4 times a month!!) in a nearby city, and there is the not so distant Horizon YoYo Contest. I don’t want to compete, just complement. Since I’m around 30+ miles away from YoLex, there is enough change of venue to justify a new meet/club. The issue I am finding is at least around here, it’s only myself and theroybit showing up, with some random passing kids showing an interest. Right now, I’m just too slammed with other stuff so I can’t focus a lot of time on this at the moment. What is important is that if you want to start a club, don’t give up. Again, large population in San Jose, it can support multiple clubs.


Thanks dude


I live pretty close.


I’m in Sunnyvale.


Do you guys know any yoyo meets or clubs?