San jose area meet


Hey, so me an yoyoguitarist are planning a meet next saturday, september 3, at oakridge mall. Who is interested?

facebook group:

and contact us at


**September 3rd.
And Oakridge mall, inside the mall by the entrance to Borders.


Count me in! Maybe we can do some trading as well. Ill even bring a buddy of mine. ;D

What time will it be at?


We were thinking 3pm


Sounds good. ;D


Great, we have likeā€¦ 6 people who agreed to come so far :smiley:


7 people, plus jasonwongzero is going so come check out his work


when will you guys plan another meet in san jose because i live in gilroy and i dont know anyone who throws so i have been looking for some people to throw with

(Jei Cheetah) #9

There is one on Sunday at santana row, right outside of starbucks on the grassy area starting at 2 PM


thanks i will probaly be there