Next level competition throws

What throws are pushing the standards for high performance Yoyos? The sleipnir, phenom, palpitation, draupnir, and krown are some older throws that have set standards but what do we have that’s new and next level? I know Gentry wins with a shutter but I want to see something new and cutting edge. I’ve been thinking recently the flame is the most innovative thing I’ve seen come out in recent years also the death robot mg (4 years old now).


I’m not really into competition throws myself but the Throw Spiral Kappa looks like its shaking things up with what a competition throw can be


Barracuda X, that is my go to competition throw. I learn on a B grade Atlas though.

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Looks like the new Yoyofriendss Peregrine is gonna make waves in the competition scene from what I have seen and heard about it.


Death Robot Mg.


I would say Statement, YYFriends Hummingbird, and UNPRLD Flashback


yyf whip


Be nice…


But it’s so cutting edge!!!


When I think of modern competition throws, I think of Light, powerful, and wide.

The yoyos that I think solidified these trends are:

  1. Light: I believe the kenshin with its 7068 construction and very light weight changed the yoyoing world. The average competition weight used to be between 65 and 68 and the kenshin made it so companies started moving toward 63 to 65 as the standard competition weight
  2. Power came from the bimetal trend and was enhanced by the introduction of 7068 aluminum and is too widespread to pinpoint specific trend setters. Yoyos that could top this list are the Draupnir, the Hummingbird, the Peregrine and many others.
  3. I feel like the wide aspect came with the Edge and the Manatee being some of the first yoyos to be wider than 45 for performance sake and not for novelty sake. I felt like this trend became more and more popular and hit its peak in popularity with the Cadence. Now it is the norm when looking for competition throws.

There are two possible new trends that I could see take over the competition world. They are 1. competition organics, and 2. delrin gaps.

  1. The trend was started a long time ago with the markmont classic being a notable throw, and seems to have picked up some speed recently with throws like the batsquatch and the Kappa. I have heard whispers from Markmont about another throw called the blunder bus that is in production as well.

  2. This is probably the newest trend in competition with only two throws that I can think of. The yyf Flame, and the Topyo Bizarre. The purpose of this trend I believe is to lower string drag and to decrease center weight.

One other yoyo that could not necessarily start a trend, but push its boundaries is the Galaxy driver that is almost 50mm in width.

It is hard to predict which trends will stick but if you want to try to be a part of the action, I would suggest looking for yoyos that are following or pushing the trends. Throws that I think you should consider are the Pdx-yoyo batsquatch, Throwspiral kappa, Atmos Project cloudberry, AHL Light, YYF Flame, Topyo Bizarre, C3 Galaxy Diver. Also, anything else you find that seems to fit with the new trends or is strange in some way.


Delrin gaps were done much earlier with the yoyojoker doublejoker but might finally take off.

Draupnir was the one that really influenced the 63gram yoyo though over the kenshin I believe.

In terms of bimetals I agree, but I believe the Kenshin helped standardize the lower weight for mono metals. I could be missing other important light weight mono metals though.