Newish to yo yoing

I used to yoyo alot in elementary school (am currently in high school) and have been wanting to get back into it. I used to know some basic tricks like loops, sleepers, walking the dog. And i was wondering, what would be a good yoyo for tricks that involve long sleeps? I’m currently looking at a duncan aveneger but i want some help.

I would recommend the kickside or the Darkmagic. They sleep good and will be great if you want to start on string tricks. If you want to do loops I recommend the Sunset Trajectory or the Loop 720 yoyos. If you want to start 3a which is double handed string tricks I recommend the Kickside and Darkmagic again. If you want to do 4a or off sting play where the yo comes off the string I recommend the Aquarius or Big yo. And if you want to learn 5a or counterweight I recommend the Darkmagic and the Speeder. I have a list below to show you each yo. hope this helps ;D. later and remember keep it spinning.

Big yo:-------------
Loop 720:-----------
Sunset trajectory:—

haha, 6 YYJ’s and ine YYF, funny…

Oh, are you joking. Get the Legacy.


he said he was new, the legacy needs to bind to get it to come back. all the others iv posted are responsive. later and remember keep it spinning.

Robert You did not say" REMEMBER KEEP IT SPINNING" :o in yer last post. plain LAZY put this right! ;D

Haha, your right he didnt. But i totally agree with robert. Absolutely100%

their you go, i just didn’t think it really matted buts it OK. all it is is my look on things. later and remember keep it spinning.