Newest Video from Luckey Li

Check out the latest video from King Yo Star Team member Luckey Li

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Every time I see a video of him or a video from a contest, it surprises me that he’s not more well known or that there’s not as much hype around him. So, so good.

His jacket is almost as awesome as his yoyoing :smiley:

PNWR 2014 champion? I think yes.

I think he could place top 3 but the all of the top from U.S nationals will probably be there so it’ll be tough for him to take first. If you really think about the competition at PNWR is almost tougher than Nationals because all the best players from Canada usually come and compete too.

Back on track, after watching this video 5 times I gotta say. Good job Luckey! Great video, we need to get some KingYoStar in U.S stores!

Believe me, we are working on it. You can help, start emailing stores and asking why they don’t have any. There is a Prober heading to Andre right now to test out, with a little nudging from some potential shoppers he may even decide to stock it!