Who’s heading up here to Seattle for PNWR?

The reason I made this thread is to ask a couple of questions about competing. I decided it would be a good start to enter the Sport Ladder for my first time.

How is a sport ladder judged? Are you kicked out the second you make a mistake? Do you only get one chance to do a trick? Suicides for example, you must hit the 2 suicides without fail? Do you get no redo’s?

Also, are autographs and pictures with your favorite yo-yoers too much?

I’m going!

Sport ladder is a great way to start. You stand behind a line and try or practice the trick until your ready, and step in front when your ready, then do the trick. You get 2 mistakes, once you miss up twice youre done. Or at least that’s how it was last year.

Autographs and pictures are great! Nothing wrong with that

My experience is that you only get to do throw downs behind the line, not practice the trick.
You get one try at a trick. On the second trick missed you’re done. This may vary by contest.

Here’s the National Yoyo League rule on misses and throwing outside the box:

String trick ladder

Looping ladder

I’ll be going along with a few friends! I will probably we Diaboloing as well. I carry a bright red backpack and a yoyojam case! I have brown hair that kinda sticks up, look for me!

Ooooohhbb yeah. Slade and I are leaving at 5am tomorrow morning. 8 hour drive to Seattle. Jeah!

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I will be in attendance. As well as a few members of onedrop. Mark, Andrew, Jordan, Mack and our newest member.

Is it cool of I chill with you for a bit Paul?

If i can find a ride from sac to seattle by tomorrow i will go ha… Craigslist is look pretty meek though… Anyone from sacramento area driving up?? I really wanna go

Thanks for correcting me

newest member? Exciting!

This contest is gonna be OFF THE CHAIINNNNN

Haha no but seriously, I feel like this contest is going to be amazing. So many good players coming, it’s going to be quite the experience. Hard to top last year though! Can’t wait to see everyone there!

I have a couple more questions. For Pop n Fresh and Boingy Boing. 1 rep is 2 back and forths right? Like for boingy boing, it says I need to do 5 reps. So is that 10 boings?

Also, are you allowed to change yoyos for certain tricks?

Here’s a National Yoyo league trick list that describes the tricks. Those tricks are in the 1s list. I don’t know the year so it may not be current as far as the trick list goes, but the description of how to do the trick is valid.

Sports Ladder Rules

League_1S_Tricklist_Descriptions.pdf (2.21 MB)

League_2S_Tricklist_Descriptions.pdf (1.9 MB)

Current tricklist and videos.

Alright, Thanks.

Anyone else here yet? Slade and I got here yesterday. Quality inn.

Anyone have any cool pics or stories about the first day of PNWR?

Or prelims results?

I stole this from caribouchris’s Facebook.

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