King Yo Star "Pun" Giveaway contest

Alright, as promised it is King Yo Star contest time!
So you all took the time to watch my amazingly awesometastic Pun tutorial series.  Those of you who have been fans of Mr Yoyothrower for the last 4 years (all 6 of you) may have said to yourself “hey, you already did a tutorial for that trick!”.  You would be correct.  Each of the 12 tutorials are of tricks I already tutorialericised.

**So here is the contest.  The first person to list in order the original name of all 12 tutorials and send that list to will win their own shiny new pun.  The contest runs until I have a winner!

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Here is a link to the Pun Tutorials Playlist

And here is your cheat sheet:

Free yoyos are good

Thanks for t he contest! I recognized to using some these tutorials in your older videos, they were great,

Holy hannah that was fast! Winner is Greg Pettit! Thanks to those that entered. I give away yoyos often, so keep your eye on kingyostar on facebook or here on yye.

WOW! GG Greg P? I didn’t check this until like an hour later and I sent it in lol wow that was good

Fast as I was, James Luce beat me to it, but then graciously passed on the prize to the 2nd-place winner because he already had one (Jeremy did good by him, though, by offering him some other goodies to reward his efforts).

That was a fun contest! Not many people have enough of a catalog of tutorials to pull something like that off. That speaks to Jeremy’s accomplishments over the years!

Thanks Jeremy and King Yo Star!