King Yo Star "Pun" Drops on YoyoExpert

The Pun is now available at Yoyoexpert!

We at King Yo Star Canada are releasing a new yoyo! I’m doing a tutorial series to get you all exicted about it. I’ve taken some of my older tricks(My 3 fans, you might recognize them) and updated them with new tutorials! There will be 12 videos in the series, and at the end there will be a contest where I will give one lucky person my new signature yoyo…the “Pun”!

Check out the first tutorial.  This was the first combo I ever created!

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Tutorial #2!
This combo was the result of watching every video by Guy Wright. The only combo of his I could learn was cupcakes, so I stole it!
If you know the original name of these tutorials, don’t share. It’s a secret you’ll want to save until later.

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I have the pun!
It feels nice and plays like nothing else!

Pun Tutorial #3
When deciding on the design for this yoyo, I really wanted someting that could handle longer combos, and particularily could maintain stability in the face of tricks where they is a high risk of hitting your hand. This is one of my favourite of all the combos I’ve made. It has elements inspired by many different yoyoers. Check it out. Remember when we get to #12 there will be a contest!

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Pun Tutorial #4
One of the things I really wanted with a design was stability. I spend most of my yoyoing time either developing new tricks, or teaching them to people. This yoyo holds well when tugged in different directions. You can balance it in a mount while holding it up and showing a kid the part they have to do next, and not worrying about it tipping.
I can’t recall who taught me this next trick, but its one my students love.

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Pun Tutorial #5
This was the 3rd or 4th combo I ever made. To this day I’m impressed with the slack element. I recall it being the result of a lot of guess work and just swining the string around until something worked. Anyhow, here it is, Pun tutorial #5!
Oh, and for those that are curious, you’ll be able to get yours this Friday right here in Yoyoexpert!

These are fantastic, thanks!

You are welcome, here is #6!

Pun Tutorial #6
This trick was made up by one of my students years ago.  My day job is as a teacher in an elementary school.  It’s based off of matrix, and is a quick and easy one!

Pun Tutorial #7
This is one of the few picture tricks I know, and it was taught to me by Luckey Li!  Not much more to say other than this is one to have in your back pocket any time you are throwing in public and have the inclination to show off to an audience!

This one is hands down my favourite of all the tricks I’ve made up.  It’s hard.  I’m weird that I really like the magic drop but I use it in a lot of my tricks.  This is a harder trick, there are a number of points that require precision, and pulling in the right direction at the right time, or else you end up with a jam.

You might ask yourself, why did he name it the Pun?  Put your guesses in the comments, I’m curious to hear them :wink:


Why “Pun” you might ask? Because I’m a natural paranomasiac. I play with words constantly. I can’t get through a conversation without twisting something that gets said or done around for humour. Usually people laugh. Or groan. Or run away screaming.
This tutorial is a trick I forgot I made up! I actually created this one when I was on team MFD to promote the Evil Yo. The thing was designed to be a finger grinding beast! I was pleased to discover the Pun is as well!
Enjoy the tutorial! Only 2 more to go until contest time.
Oh, and you may want to get your paypal account stocked up…the Pun drops tomorrow at 5:00 Vancouver time!

Number 11
The slack element in this trick took me forever to work out, but once I did this combe became a permanent fixture in my go-to trick back.  Whenever I want to show off, this one comes out.

The splash colours for the pun release were chosen from the successful colours from previous yoyo runs.  The solid colours were actually selected in part by the community.  Enjoy!

Pun Tutorial #12
One of the delights of doing this tutorial series has been re-learning some old tricks.  One of my weak spots is I have always had trouble making tricks from the houdini mount.  I went back and found this gem.  Enjoy!  This is the last of this series, thanks for watching.  Of course I’ll be continuing to make tutorials.  Every time I make a trick, you guys get to learn it!
Contest will be announced tomorrow.  The pun will be arriving at soon, so stay tuned!