New Release! King Yo Star PUN!

The Pun is the new Signature yoyo of Jeremy “Mr Yoyothrower” McKay. Why “Pun” you might ask? Because Jeremy is a natural paronomasiac (Just google it…) He plays with words constantly and he can’t get through a conversation without twisting something that gets said or done around for humor. Usually people laugh. Or groan. Or run away screaming. But when he had the chance to put his name on a yoyo, only one thing came to mind! The Pun!

King Yo Star created this new signature yo-yo for Jeremy because he does so much for the yo-yo community. He is an avid performer and loves to teach yo-yo whenever he can, he loves it so much that he has filmed over 150 trick tutorials!

The Pun was designed with Jeremy’s love of teaching and sharing in mind. He wanted a yo-yo that would feel right at home learning and developing unique tricks or stepping on stage for some serious competitive play! The Pun is rock stable, able to spin long enough while you figure out that next move, and moves as fast as you can push it!

Each box comes with a Pun, a luckey string and a custom sticker with a joke on it! Grab your Pun and go learn a new trick!