newbreed silicone

ok should i put the flowable silicone in both sides of the newbreed or just one side btw the silicone i kind of grippy

Both sides.

Don’t worry if its grippy. You will just need to break it in.


Yeah do both sides.
Because if you only silicone one side you’ll have a very unresponsive new breed after the silicone breaks in

Break It In…

On the Contrary, i did this to my DV888, sili* both sides, was a bit grippy, broke it in, but still grippy.
So i undid one side, and replaced it with a k-pad, now it plays like a dream. Hybrid response sili* one side, k-pad the other

IDK maybe its just me?

~ ;D Gorrilla_yo

Yeah, I think its just you, lol. You probably made the sili flush. Whenever I silicone my yoyos, I make it slightly recessed.