New Breed Silicone Problem

So I siliconed my New Breed a few days ago.
I waited for it to dry then broke it in. Like 3 three days after the silicone broke in, one side fell out. The other side was still in and showed no sign of wear.

This is like the 4th time it happened. And only to one side.
Has this ever happened with anyone with a new breed?
If so, is there a way to fix it???

it maybe the way yo put it in or how long you dried it for

how lonbg did you dry it for?

For like 24 hours.
But the other side is perfectly fine. So I’m wondering why only that one side keeps falling out.

If you have any silicone in the side that continues to fall out now, remove it.

Once any silicone response is removed, take a good look in there to see if there is any debris stuck in the recess. Remove any obvious debris and grab the following supplies:

  1. A cotton swab (q-tip)

  2. Any very mild solvent such as dish or hand soap

  3. Toothpick or other disposable and slender shaft

When you have these items, wet one end of the cotton swap, and apply some of the solvent. Force the damp cotton swab into the recess and rub it around for a few rotations. Next, do the same with the dry half. If the cotton swab brings up any dirt, repeat this process with a new one until the cotton swab is completely clean after rubbing the inside of the recess.

After you are sure that the recess is completely clean, apply some silicone to the inside of the recess using the toothpick and let it dry for a few hours. Using a clean toothpick, poke at the silicone that was applied gently to see if it comes off (this is to check and see if the silicone will stick to the celcon in the recess).

If the silicone isn’t coming off with just a gentle scrape, this means that the silicone is sticking to the celcon and you can finish the silicone job; Hurray!

If it does come off, then let it sit for 12 hours and try again. If the silicone is still super easy to remove, then I am out of advice.

Celcon honestly is terrible at holding silicone. In my experience, it comes out extremely quickly no matter what.

My one reccomendation however, is to make a very deep recess in the silicone. It’s more likely to last the deeper and less flush it is.

There are a few things that you can do.

  1. What JM said.

  2. you can take something like a tack or a jewlers screwdriver and scratch the bottom of the recess.
    This will give the silicone something to hold on to.

  3. Send it to a modder and have them undercut the recess so its wider at the bottom than the top. This won’t let the silicone fall out.