hi guys…im not new to yo-yo’s but im new to making tricks…what would be a good yo-yo for a newbie like me in tricks ;D

A velocity or legacy (if you can do a bind) maybe kickside

buy dv888. it was my first real yoyo and binding can you learn in one day

I have bin yoyoing for one month now and I can matrix and ColdFusion

You can’t just suggest the first yoyo you got unless you back it up with solid reasoning.

Whatever yoyo you have will be just fine.

if you are new you should try something cheap and still something that can do tricks

i recommend flying squirel

A Dark Magic is a great yoyo. And Ill back it up with some reasoning. v2 Comes with a responsive bearing for good beginning play because it is slimmer making it have more response. After you migrate into harder tricks you can put the speed bearing in and have unresponsive yoyo which will require binding to return the yoyo. Also the Dark Magic is a very solid cheap ( Compared to almost all metal throws ) yoyo that is very versatile. Hope that helps.

Well, honestly for practicing tricks, or while making tricks, i think the best yoyo is one that has a lot of rim weight and is very stable, like a dv888 or trinity. This is because when your first practicing a trick, you go through it slow so the long spin time of rim weighted yoyos helps, plus there will often be tilt, and there will generally be less with a yoyo with a lot of rim weight.

What yoyo are you using?

There is no reason to buy a metal right now. You can if you want but there are plenty of plastic yoyo’s that will get the job done exactly the same as any metal would. Besides if you think there is a chance of you hitting the yoyo on the floor or other things, the plastic will absorb the hit better and just last you a bit longer. The metal/plastic yo’s are about the same as a metal as far as taking a hit.

I’d suggest getting a velocity. Great yoyo and very fun.

First off, I am. Typing this with an iPad :).

So you said you are not new to yo-yoing, so why don’t you give us a sence of how advanced you are. How long have you been throwing and what trick level are you at. If you can not do binds, you don’t have to learn to yet. It is helpful to play unresponsive in order to make your own tricks, but if you can’t bind, play responsive for a while longer, it makes your tricks flow better.

As for learning new tricks try to find some more tutorials on YouTube or A lot of tricks I make up are based on other tricks I learn. That is a good way to make up your own tricks.