Newbie Question: Taking apart KickSide

I recently bought a YoYoJam Kickside and I have no idea how to take it apart for lubing and the like. Up until now, I’ve been using the ProYo, the Bumblebee, and other similar yo-yos, which come apart simply by twisting the halves in opposite directions. In the André Boulay videos on yo-yo maintenance (in the “Learning” section of this site), all of the yo-yos seems to be able to screw apart in a similar manner. However, when I first attempted to twist apart my Kickside, it would not budge. I didn’t want to force it to turn, for fear that I had no idea what I was doing and would land up damaging the yo-yo. Can the Kickside just twist apart? Or how are you supposed to take apart a Kickside?

Sorry for this hopelessly newbish question. Your help and advice is greatly appreciated.

You can twist it apart. It will loosen up after the first three unscrews. It’s just really tight when you get it.

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It’s alright, you’re not newbish. I have a lot of questions too.

It will come apart. New Yo-Yos feel like they will break, and are together tightly. It won’t break, but do it hard so it will be able to in the future. :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot for your advice, people. So can I assume that this goes for any good yo-yo I use (by “good” I mean not from the dollar store)?

Any ball bearing yoyo is take apart. As well as any transaxle… the only yoyo’s that arn’t are fixed axles (Like the duncan butterfly)

Oh, almost forgot.

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Not all transaxles, the YYF Firedog isn’t a take apart.

Wow… I see that and its kind of silly…

Well correction then, the only yoyo’s that arn’t take apart, are fixed axles, and some weird yoyos…

Okay, well in any case, we’re certain that Kickside, as well as pretty much any other bearing yo-yo, can be taken apart. If this is correct, all is well and good.

correct every yoyo that has a bearing can be taken apart