newbie, need help determining value of my old collection

Ok guys, time to finally unload the old collection from back in my competing and performing days. Trying to save up some cash to buy a cheap little cruiser to ride around this spring/summer.

I have no idea the value of this stuff anymore, all my stuff has been thrown, I mean I was a kid, I used it, ya know.

Silver bullet 2, mondial, multiple raiders and saber raiders, hyper warps, even a hyper wasp is in the mix. As well as 11 jack russell originals, mostly coca cola, 2 fanta and one sprite. As well as a complete, entire box of hyper russells. Those haven’t been thrown more than probably once or twice, most never. same with the other russells.

Not pictured, I also have a cold fusion, still in the tin, with the pin and everything, has one tiny little blemish on the yellow rim. Still not sure how that got there, as I never threw it more than 5 times at all, too expensive, I was too scared to even use it. Thinking a buddy must have picked it up and threw it.

I’d like to throw it on ebay and just sell it as one complete collection, for simplicity purposes. But if there is anything that I should part out with separately to get more out of it, I’d like to know about it :slight_smile:

Awesome collection! I have a ton of old school throws, but sadly are not worth as much as I thought.

Some coca cola throws go for quite a bit, as well as that fusion

I’ll give you $20

Well, I’m not sure about most of those, but here:
•Unless modded, I don’t think those Butterflies’ll go for much, sorry.
•unless modded or sold as a whole collection of them, I don’t think those Raiders are going to, either.
•The Coca-Colas. Not sure. They might go for a little, but as a whole they might actually go for quite a bit.
Here’s my advice:
Take all the multiples from your collection and put them on the BST. You could go get some of them evaluated at an antique store, others elsewhere. Last thing, though: don’t let people take advantage and lowball you (unless you’re into that, and don’t care about passing up some dough) just because they know that YOU don’t know what the value of the yoyo is. Good luck to you, good sir!