Newb Top Question

I bought a Duncan Imperial top 20+ years ago and never got it to spin on it’s tip until this weekend when I watched a YouTube instructional video.

I have a question about one of the parts that came with it. There’s a white plastic, slightly cone shaped thing that seems to be made of two pieces. It fits nicely into the hole in the top of the top (like a plug), but in any videos I’ve seen, I can’t see anyone using it for anything.

I’m assuming it either makes the top more awesome, or is supposed to be thrown out with the rest of the packaging.

What is it? Any insight would be appreciated ;D

It sounds like maybe you got a twin spin. google duncan twin spin top and see if that is what you have.

That’s a Pop Top! (I think ;D )

Yet another gizmo designed to make winding easier. It should attach to the end of the string opposite the button and you stick it in the hole in the crown to begin winding. I think it’s supposed to make a popping noise? I’ve never owned one but from what I hear it does not work very well.

I should have posted these with the original post. Here’s some pictures. It’s the small white thing. I think yophosis is probably right, but wanted to post these to see if it confirmed it.

yup! poptop!