new YYR proto...


Who knows best?




New shot


… well, that clears everything up :slight_smile:


Way too much information. :scream_cat:

PS>>> I took a picture of the moon. But sadly it’s 341 thousand miles away; so probably as useful as an image of a blurry yoyo rim :nerd_face:

(rizkiyoist) #6

I doubt that it’s the same yoyo.
Looks like the first one had some kind of step (or attached ring?), while the second seems to be concave finger spin-ish.
I think that’s the point of posting the picture, so that we talk about it, making assumptions.
I’m not gonna fall for this… though technically I did.

So let’s see, why did the moon looks smaller on cameras again?


Hey doc! What planet are you logging in from? The apogee of the moon that orbits Earth is only about 253 thousand miles. This may help explain why you’re receiving way too much information from those yoyo photos… :stuck_out_tongue:



Sadly; when I was going to College; the Asstronomy classes were completely over-booked.

I ended up taking a Class is Janatorial Mop Technology.

I never really learned how far away the moon was from Earth.

But I did discover that if I put 4 ounces of windshield wiper cleaner in a 50/50 solution of Mop-n-Glo and demineralized water; that I can mop an entire Basketball court that will air dry in 16.5 minutes at 72 degrees and leave literally no streaks. :nerd_face:

Keepin it real…

By the way; I was way over in South Central Los Angeles when I took that image. So I was prolly at least 179 feet farther from the moon than when I am at home.

And the reason the moon is so small in that image is simply because on a hot day in California; as the day wears on; the moon melts away and actually becomes smaller.

At least that’s what they told me in Reform school when I was a kid.

… and D-bird; if you are going scientific with the apogee; why didn’t you bother to mention that the moon at the perigee can be as close as 225,894 miles? :thinking:


I’m just glad it’s Bi-Metal. We have no where near enough of those on the market right now ::slight_smile:


if you have better pictures of this proto … you can post them… ::slight_smile:


Well, I was only comparing the greatest distance between the earth and moon trying to get as close to your quoted distance, perigee was the wrong direction to go, so I left it out. But, your additional comments add creedence to the lunar discussion, especially the cleaning details, so I thank you for that!

So do we have a better view of the yoyo yet?



Yes, we need a perigee view.



I think the real point of all of these posts is that any new yo-yo from Yoyorecreation is, potentially, going to be a game-changer.

We are not curious because it is the new Bi-Metal from Yo-YoABC. It is because it is Yoyorecreation that we hunger for more information. It is like the newest model from Mercedes-Benz AMG.

PS: Why is it that “Yoyorecreation” is corrected by the YYE spell-checker as “Yoyorecreatioyn”?

(Q) #14

That’s not the moon. It’s clearly day time where you are. The moon only comes out at night.
This whole thing is a fraud guys, move along.

(rizkiyoist) #15

Wait… you’re right.

I don’t know you’re such a fraud Yoyodoc, from this point on I won’t believe anything you say anymore.


maybe, is more understandable …

(rizkiyoist) #17

Yeah but like… who have never seen a Draupnir lol
We need the pic of the prototype(s).


Look on the center text it’s not a Draupnir I promise u that

(rizkiyoist) #19



Draupnir 3.0 (valk was 2.0 but failed)