New YYJ DM Special YOYO Master Limited Edition


Is this just a DM with a different color scheme? Are there any other changes to it? YYN doesn’t say that it’s different… then again YYN doesn’t say that it’s exactly the same either. To make matters worse, they don’t show any additional images… Sigh…

Any help is more than appreciated.

Hey Andre, any plans on making a DM with a recessed silicone response? ;D


dm with recessed silicon get the legacy, i have 4 of them and they are amazing, and as for the master edition the caps are diff and it is pink and black because of yukki, aguie, and koloski who used pink dm’s at nationals


it has a design cap and a mirror cap on each side…nothing else is different


I beg to differ. I got one for Christmas this year and its better then the original. Its really smooth and spins a bit longer than my regular one on a kk bearing. so yes there are cosmetic changes but it has a better spin time in my opinion. Later and remember keep it spinning.