New YYF Primo

(Kei) #1

Hey guys look what I just found. Its the new YoYoFactory Primo. Looks pretty cool.


Nice! Looks pretty cool.


Looks like a more curvy Skyline. I’m all about it

(Kei) #4

Yeah. What do you guys think the price is gonna be?


$100 or $110


Seems like a SuperStar and Skyline mixed together. I so want one.


I think it’s gonna be around fundaMETAL princing and signature pricing, which means around 60$ to 90$


it looks like they took the same concept from the 888 and BOSS.they took the superstar, took off the hubstacks,added more rim weight,and made it a little smaller.thats what it looks like to me.btw,nice find.i’m definately getting one.


I like the way it looks. They remind of a G5+. Can’t wait to try these.