New YoYoExpert Acrylic Display Cubes

We have always said that yo-yos are like fine pieces of art. They are meticulously crafted, beautiful to look at, and to the right person they are entirely priceless.

So what should you do with your priceless works of art? Hide them away in a case? Keep them in the original flimsy cardboard packaging? Leave them on the shelf exposed to dust and dirt?


Or, maybe you should proudly display them, suspended in excellence, where people can travel from afar to bask in their glory and admire their magnificence, staring in stupefied astonishment at the awesomeness that is your unparalleled prized possession!

Don’t hide your most prized possessions, Show them off with these beautiful Acrylic Display Cases!


I’d love to see an acrylic case.

Look great. Pretty pricey, though.


I like this idea of the display cube, but just wish that the price was lower.

You know what I’ve been craving yoyoexpert? When I went to bac, you guys had an x shaped shelf that consisted of 9 squares, that can fold into an “x” and then back into a 3x3 square. That really impressed me and Andre should know, everyone was at the booth just looking into those shelves. It also had 2 bands that were placed diagonally in each square so a yoyo can sit inside it securely. I might draw it out later and post a pic if you cant remember. But bac 2013, had those awesome shelves. I would buy that

I would want this if I had a $200.00 yoyo, but I am also content with my cardboard box filled with yoyo junk, and it only costs me nothing.

Man that’s expensive for an empty cube I will probably put bearings and string in…


Why acryllic? Some other plastic would make it much more affordable.

If I wanted a display case, I’d go acrylic. Durable, easy to care for, stays clear like day 1.

Yes, expensive. Yes, worth it.

However, I think I’d rather play my “prized possession” than display it like a trophy. At least, that’s how I am in regards to yoyos. My Anglam is a yoyo I almost always have with me.

To each their own. They are spendy. They are worth it. I like how it has the center riser to hold the yoyo slightly elevated and centered in the cube. This is an ideal presentation if you’re not doing some sort of wall rack or other larger formal display case.

I’m tempted to get a few myself.