My new wall display

Posted this on instagram, but thought you guys might like it here. Using the display cubes from yoyoexpert, can hold, 15 yoyos in this orientation. I love these cubes and will be buying more.

That looks so cool!

Great idea, but I wouldn’t spend that much on display cubes myself.

Nice I love my Wall mount to. Ps, if you have holsters, I put them on a nail and hang them next wall mount

Really though, what’s $30 in the grand scheme of things? Just looking at that display there’s $400+ of yo-yos, what’s the point of just having them sitting in boxes? :slight_smile: I plan on getting a couple more of these for sure, they’re so simple to install and look great IMO.

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I say do it. There’s a company that makes special little square speakers and clocks for those displays too thst look super cool.

It’s a lot when you’re a teenager trying to scrounge up cash whenever he can.

That’s true, but then if you’re a teenager scrounging up cash, you’re not likely to have hundreds of dollars in yoyos just sitting around either. Collectors gonna collect :slight_smile:

…do you like, swim in them sometimes? XD
Hunderds? Damn, I should hit up you bst when I’m looking for some. But don’t you like to collect a lot of more old schooler throws? I remember talking to you about the mongoose.

I have some old school stuff but sold lots when I first gave up the hobby in 2008. Now thanks to the Museum sponsorships I’m lucky to be able to get lots of the newer stuff, and we’ve been giving away things every month. We’re going to be giving away an Infiniti GT Evolution in a few days!

…like on facebook? and can i join? XD

We need to hit 500 followers on instagram first but I’m opening the giveaway to anyone who follows us on Twitter, Facebook or instagram. It’s gonna be a small treasure hunt :slight_smile:

Well you got yourself a follower! Is it just yoyo mueseum? wish i could help ya on insta, but i don’t use that site at all.

Yoyomuseum on Facebook and Twitter, yoyo_museum on instagram.