New yoyo

My budget is $75 I was leaning torward the phenomizm god tricks eternal YYF nova gfunk yuuksta tactic BOSS YYJ axiom and inspire
WERRD 4xl Smooth 4xl groove hour hspin nvx and the firmy I was hoping u could tell me the best out of these and could u tell me which yoyo bag and holster are the best. feel free to put in your own suggestions 

Why did you make like 5 threads? you should have put all of your questions in this thread and not spammed the board.

I have both, I personally like the Halo better, but I think most people would choose the Di Base.

I was also wondering about the first blood brother yoyo

When it comes to the Di Base and Halo, do you want Derlin or Metal? Also what size/shape appeals to you more?
Also the Di Base comes with extra weight rings so you can experiment with different weights

I chose to raise my budget an chose the YYF monster red with black splash with 15 black string

Well, good for you.

Glad when people ask questions, change the parameters then make a totally different decision.

I’m glad I didn’t offer help earlier on in the process.

i say go with the NVx. Most people tend to go away from it because its the D bearing. But for such a great smooth long spinning yoyo why not buy it. Hspin has such a amazing customer service they and very kind people. Its all up to preference but the yoyo is amazing i don’t regret buying this as you can tell it being my favorite throw. And with the price being dropped don’t let it pass up.


G funk

there is no best yoyo out of those.

There’s no “best” out of any provided list. Preferences are what is key.

However, let’s face it, this issue of “best” is never going to end.