New yoyo trick

My new yoyo trick is called the ferris wheel. It starts with a split bottom mount and you align the strings just as you would in boing boing but you let the yoyo spin at the bottom and you flip it around your index finger. After you drop the strings and catch.

I do not get how to do it, I’m a visual learner, I’m sure its great though. But there is already a trick called ferris wheel. Just call it something else, and I’m sure its good. 8)

Yeah I too am Confused as to how you do this, maybe a video of the Trick or maybe some pics. so we understand what your getting at, I’m sure it’s a nice trick. As for the name I know That Over at Rethinkyoyo the Gentlemen had put up a tutorial called Farris Wheel
Courtesy of ReThinkyoyo