My first good made up trick

i dont have a vid.

First double or nothing
then you thread the string in the yoyo like in cold fusion
but instead of dropping the string, spin the yoyo around your fingers to the left (i am right handed)
they should wrap up in a circle. then drop your throw hand and spin the yoyo back the other way to dismount.

i have no good names. i was thinking of Feriswheel but 1) i dont know how to spell it correctly and 2) im not sure if another trick has that name.

Yes, there is a trick called (this is the correct way to spell it ;D) Ferris Wheel.
I found it in a Duncan trick book.

I’m not sure if it is already made up, but if not, name it after yourself or something you relate to.
For Ex. Max or nothing! :smiley:

Thats a pretty sick trick! I’m sooooo gonna use this in my next freestyle!

I would think of it as a move, a trick is like a string of moves put together while a move is a…move.

IMO this is a set of moves, starts with a mount then he does moves, which makes this a trick. Only IMO.

moves are just movements like nija vanish. not really a trick. just a hand movement to go in a GT. i consider this trick to be more in the middle. the mount and the spinning makes me consider this a trick but the threading kinda sounds like a move. good trick though i’ll be sure to learn it!

I’ll call it “Maximum or Nothing.” Thanks yoyobob.

i would say trick because cold fusion is a trick that has a simular move in it.

Yea cold fusion has SIMILAR movements not all of them, if you string a bunch of them together THEN it’s a trick in my book. Lets just settle with flourish?