New YoYo Tower Floating Yo Tower Prototype!

Here is a pic of my latest creation the Floating Yo Tower!

Now, this is just a prototype. The real deal will have, hopefully a better paint job (though the gold satin is pretty spiffy), a larger carying compacity, and probably a thinner monofilimant (which makes it less visible) ect. ect. . Once again this is a prototype. Plus the yoyo aren’t really supposed to look like ther floating. It’s really more of a matter of putting more attention on the yoyo’s and less on the holder. Hope you like. Hopefully i’ll be able to somehow sell some sometime in the future. Once again, they’ll look a lot better than this one. :wink:


Is there just like an X for the string, making a box in the middle, and you slide the yoyo in between all the string?


That looks pretty cool. Nice job.

That would be really cool if the string was like a plastic holder, clear plastic. Nice job! :stuck_out_tongue:

Whats the yoyo 2nd from the top, the black one?

A maverick.

It has been done before, but it is still cool nevertheless.

Dang man, beat me by two seconds

Yes, but the point of this one is to make it look like they’re hovering… I think.

Yes, it’s very similar. Nice thing though is that if you stand like five ft. away it litteraly looks liket the yoyo’s are floating.

I really like this. Wouldn’t make sense for carrying them around bet works great for a display!

there floating

but those strings are touching it for some resond!?!


I hope all that paper isn’t homework…

Otherwise you look busy!

Nice job Prodigal Pyromancer!

That’s one cool case!!! You might want to try Fluorocarbon instead of Monofilimant. It’s stronger and thinner. If you have a Fly Fishing store near you they will have it and in very thin sizes.

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Thanks. I’m also thinking about selling these (with the betters listed in the post) Anybody wanna tell me how much you think there worth or if you’d even buy them.
Oh one more thing. Which colors do you think this would good in.

The strings are to keep the yoyo’s from floating away. :slight_smile:

Nice work M

awesome man really cool u should mass produce and sell those

That’s sick.

Seeing how it can hold about 10 or 12 in the future (at the least I hope maybe 8 is okay too) and it’s metal, but not really convenient; start at 25 and if its popular you can go a tad bit higher.

It’s umm… not metal.

Yeah, if it was metal, the strings may slip because the fishline (or whatever) wouldn’t have enough friction to keep from sliding down, unless he may put notches in it, I would think.