Floating Yoyo Tower

So recently I bought a floating yoyo tower by M. I will be writing a review of this little beauty.


After a struggle with the well taped box that a grenade couldn’t get open, I found in the box the is the tower (duh), a manual, extra invisi-thread, and yarn (I think). The shipping was pretty fast, nothing very notable.


As stated before, it came with a manual. Being the dope that I am, I just started shoving my yoyos into the towers. In the manual it says not to shove the yoyos in, but instead to open up with your fingers and place it in. This resulted in a premature snapping of a string. It also almost tells you how to replace the string but doesn’t tell you how to tie the special knot called “the square knot” but it says to just look it up on wiki and I did and pow! new string!

Now… the moment you all have been waiting for…



Lets first establish that I got a gold with silver fade-ish-thingy and my username painted on the top in red. This is STUNNING the way the gold and silver go together, it is just hard to describe it is amazing.

Actual Floating Affect

If you are just walking by and you take a quick glance, it is like “wah!?” It takes a good, long, hard, look to realize that something is supporting them. To sum this up, you have to look for it to realize that your yoyos aren’t floating.

What yoyos fit?

Well right now I have an imperial, a grind machine 2, a boss, a c13, aqua and bigyo. You may be asking, how can you possibly fit a bigyo? Well, you have to unscrew it and reassemble it in the strings. you can pretty much any yoyo, undersized (not micro) - a bigyo.

In Conclusion

This is a very cool invention that really boosts the “cool factor” of your collection. I find that I use this more this more than my own case. If you want a stunning, cool, new idea for your yoyos, this is what you need.

For more info, pricing, colors, and add-ons, visit his thread: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,14877.0.htm



thanks, i’ve never heard of a square knot being callled a box knot though…

I’m still amazed how this idea came to be. I have to say these towers are fantastic