floating yoyo tower

Many of us know pickle or mabey you know him as m2. but did you know that he makes floating yoyo towers. pickle makes yoyo towers that hold yoyos and it gives the illusion that the yoyo is floating. the yoyo tower can hold up to 8 yoyos or any number under that. the string he uses in called mono and it holds up for a while but like every string before you it eventually wears, but thankfully he sends you extra mono. He also sends you yarn but i wouldnt reccoment using that stuff (heheh). He will also send you a manual on how to apply the string to the tower , this manual is very detailed and has pictures and diagrams on how to do this.the tower is just over two foot tall and is very light i’d say about 3 pounds or so. he is selling them for 20-23 bucks. personaly i love the towers and think they are a very unique idea. i will deff be buying more.
here are pics and a movie about it. i love the way the yoyos look like they are floating. they are also very easy to use once you read the manual and the manual isnt even that long. i love the color silver but i would like to see more colors like purple or orange or blue or even multi colored

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can we get some pics

sounds very cool

you say there are pics but there are none…

I need to see this (and probably buy one)

here, since he’s probably not going to be posting one. And yes i’m still working on my painting skills.


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can we see it with some yoyos in it plz :wink:

I thought there were some in the exhibition section… Hmm…

Wheee. http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,13806.0.html ;D

theres more pics in this thread http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,14877.0.html