New Yoyo! The Incarnate by RevPunx


This yoyo you was heavily inspired in different ways from the throws I used to appreciate in my hayday; YoYoJam, Duncan, Dif-e-Yo, etc. But as we at RevPunx have prided ourselves with originality in anything we attempt to design, we’ve thrown our own twist of a modern style on it. As a culmination of these past and present features, we’ve decided to name it, “The Incarnate”. This yoyo plays phenomenally even though it is not meant to be a generic competition style throw. Everyone needs some diversity and this does not disappoint.

While I have many designs now ready and waiting to be made, I wanted this first one to just be a good EDC (everyday carry), be fun, play differently, give collections some variety. And be, in the immortal words of Derek Zoolander, “really really ridiculously good looking”. They will also come with boutique string from LadyLuckYoyoString and possibly others down the road to help promote smaller makers as well.

The specs:
Kickstarter price: $95.00 ($175 for 2!)
Bi-metal design: Bead blasted 6061 Aluminum body with Stainless Steel rings
Diameter: 54.8mm
Width: 40mm
Gap Width: 4.64mm
Bearing: CT style
19mm response pads
Weight: 65.5 grams
Currently 5 colors planned, if funding is successful, more may be added.

There’s also a review of it by Throws N’ Brews here!

As well as a small promo video by Jonathan Saelens here:

I have many designs already lined up after this one and am very excited to start seeing our throws around (more than the protos that are floating around at the moment). Hopefully one day I can see them selling through too!

Anyways feel free to share your thoughts on this throw!


I wanted to say, I got one of these after @Tvelto recommended it and it is much more interesting than I thought it’d be.

It’s a very narrow, extremely strong H shape, with the bimetal steel rims L shaped and extending over the rims leading to extreme rim weight. That combination turns out to be kind of cool, and I can’t think of many other yo-yos that have this particular combination of traits… a super rim weighted, narrow but extreme H.

The narrowness is particularly nice for EDC.


Oh yeah and his review, I should have linked that!