yah all u so cal guys. like OC. Theres a new yoyostore on the huntington pier. its still growing and they trying to make classes. classes are on sunday 2-3:30

It’s been there no? The kite connection right?

I dont think so… I might be wrong though

It’s on the pier and it’s been there for a while. I stopped by just yesterday.

It’s like 10 to 13 years old man. LOL

well the club is new lol hes an old school player… MATT UR THE ASIAN GUY GORDI WAS TALKINGABOUT :open_mouth:

haha really? what was he saying?

He said he has been working there since 1999 if I remember correctly.

ya thats true but he said the shop ahs just been rebuilt, and then this is kinda for those guys who cant or dont wanna go to redondo

Ahh, ok ok.

Wait what was he saying about me. I wanna know haha. :wink:

he said “oh ya u shudda come yesterday. two guys came and i did a demo. like one was asian and the other…idk”

Oh interesting. haha

yep. uhhhhhhh… Gordi said he might swing by and check out the DXL thing maybe he can show us shoot the moons with a pencil :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome. Are you going to DXL?

yep. wanna meet up? its my first time and i need a “guide”

Wait, can’t really understand what you guys are saying. I need some clarification. I know there is a yoyo store on the Redondo Beach Peir. Are you saying there is a yoyo store on the Hunington Beach Peir too? Cause if so, I wanna go, do you have an specific adress for the place or a map?

-James Reed

When you post things like this it would be good to include the name of the store, and maybe the location.

This is where it is, no address since it’s on the pier. It’s the circled one.

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So would that be…

Shipping Address:
The Kite Connection
100 Pacific Coast Highway (on pier)
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Physical Location:
On top of the Huntington Beach Pier, 100 yards out on the right.

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