Looking For A Store That Sells Yo-Yo - Near Knotts


Hey everyone,

One of my sons birthdays is coming up. I neglected to order him a Yo-Yo in time. I know bad Pa-Pa. His Party is Monday. Does anyone know a store Local to Knotts Berry Farm in CA, where I can pick up a beginner Yo-Yo. The only trick hes been able to do thus far is the sleeper. He broke his duncan butterfly. He was just getting into it. HELP



there is yoyo store called sunshine kite company in redondo beach


thats the only one i know of near Knotts berry Farm


Yeah. Sunshine Kite Company is the only one in that area.

I’m sure you’ll have a great time when you go. I sure do!

I would post a link to the site, but it does sell some yoyos YYE may carry, and I don’t want to risk breaking the rules. Check your PMs.


or maybe a walmart or toys r us have beginner ones

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If there is a Toys-R-Us around you, pick up a Duncan FH2. It will just say FreeHand on the yo-yo though.


thanks for all your help guys. Redondo is about an hour away from me. I took a chance and went to a hobby store. They had one. Not what I was looking for, but it will work for now. If he sticks with it ill be doing some more shoping here. i already bought a fast 201 from yye and it made it here in 4 days. Besides theres a better variety here. once again thanks for all you help fellas.


No Problem, every one is here to help on what they can

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