New yoyo or half spec bearing?

Hey everyone, hope your all OK.

I currently have a dark angel that is unresponsive, which is OK, but for some of the easier tricks I would like to be able to pull up at the end, instead of binding until I am a bit more advanced.

A yoyo shop advised me on the Legacy III, which they say is a plastic dark magic. It comes with a half spec bearing to be responsive, then a wide bearing to become unresponsive.

My question is, should I just buy the half spec bearing, which is £10, or buy the yoyo which includes both bearings for £10? I think the yoyo is a better offer.

Also, there is the Hubstack yoyo by yoyofactory, which is only £8.50, that comes with a half spec bearing.

What would you recommend?

i dont believe you can just throw a half spec bearing in any yoyo, because of the axle length.

definitely get another yoyo that comes with one, if thats what you want. i have some cheaper yoyos for messing around that are responsive but they all use regular bearings, ive never had a half spec.

the hubstack because you can do amazing stuff with it.

I am not a big fan of the Legacy but if you can buy it for the price of just the bearing go for it.

The Legacy is a decent yo-yo, very solid. The Hubstack is more fun though, stacks make everything more fun!

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Ive already got stacks on my dark angel, so i’m not too bothered.

I ordered the legacy for the price of the bearing, and it comes with two bearings! A half size for response play, and a wider one for unresponsive. Also bought a pack of strings, as I don’t have any.

Should be here on tuesday :slight_smile: and its a plastic dark magic, so it should be good.

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I wouldn’t say it’s “Just a Plastic DM” but it is similar. Both are two different Yo-Yo’s. You still did well to get the Yo-Yo that has both Bearings included for the same price. :wink:

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Oh Yo-yopro, I thought it was a plastic dark magic, as thats what the shop said.
Well actually it said based on the dark magic.

Anyone know if the legacy is any good?

EDIT: Duh, I should read properly. Some people above said its a good throw for the price. So i’m happy, will have it on Tuesday.

Save up your chips for the better YYJ or a mid-grade Metal like the Torque or the Shutter. Use what you purchased till you can get a better, more consistent flowing bind down.

What is the better YYJ? I’ve already ordered the legacy for £10 with the two bearings.

I think this will be a lot like my guitar playing though, I will get GAS (Gear acquisition syndrome) for more gear, so I can always get a better one after. So what model of YYJ did you mean?

I Can get the torque new for £15, Is that good?

Yes, that is very good.

Hmm, ok. I will have two yoyo’s when the legacy III arrives, one metal and one plastic.

I might order the torque later in the month for that price, somewhere is closing down so I can get some good bargains.

The Legacy is a fine yoyo. It’s based on the DM, different plastic and a bit heavier.

Most any YYJ is good, it’s all preference.